Friday, 17 February 2012

I have thought n thought endlessly about how my first post will be. If its any consolation then its not the way I imagined. I thought about comparing my first foray into connected world with the feelings one had when presented with a new toy or gift. It sounded just like those phrases which I skip when reading. Then I tried reading the above mentioned line for effect. Took me three readings to get 'my' message across to 'me'. Hapless you. First I thought that I will write about Twilight. Then it occurred to me that most readers will then bypass it as just another 'teeny romantic tribute to dear stephanie' blog. Then I started writing about my current favorite "supernatural'. But I think it will fall in the same category as twilight.

Writing about politics in first blog is definite no-no. Can't display my leanings so early. But don't worry, I will return to all these subjects later. For now, its my all time favorite - books. People like to earn well for various reasons. My only reason for working to get filthy rich is to not worry about working and have all the time free for reading. Imagine how cool it would be if you don't have to work to maintain your family and raise your kids and have a good lifestyle to boot. It will be AWESOME. Then I will go to some secluded seven star beach resort with a truckload of books. Ah! How good it is to dream with both eyes open. But then, as the old saying goes, Dreams cost nothing'. So, I can dream all I want.

Back to books. One day I want to say fearlessly that yes, I have read all ye graet ol' masters including dickens, kafka, dostoevsky et al. To achieve this purpose, I read what I can and finish even if I can't. The brothers karamazov was a tough read. Skipped all the theology. Same with 'Tale of two cities'. Hats off to those who can read it without skipping even a line. I have eventually relegated it to my cold storage list after a 100 pages to be read later. Although I have enjoyed 'Great Expectations' a lot, somehow these two books are entirely different in terms of style and language. Same goes with "Wuthering Heights''. Really depressing book. Even more so for an eternal romantic like me. And yes, I almost forgot. In continuation with 'finished-at-last' list, vying for a spot in top five is.. drumroll .... 'War of the Worlds'. There, I have said it. Sorry to all fans but the movie was watchable by a hundred miles. 

Oh Oh! Duty beckons. But I will be back. Lots to write n share. Finally I have got lots of hapless people to listen. More power to me. Be prepared.

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