Saturday, 18 February 2012

Currently the book I am reading is Madame Bovary. I would love to write a paragraph or two describing the lush portrait of life representing 1800s or croon about the lyrical language but sorry, I am really hopeless at such writing. All I can say is that it is a nice book. Which automatically puts me in the category of ''non-serious'' reader. Damn! In my last blog (actually my first, but it gives the impression that you are oh-so-late in discovering me) I think I gave the impression that I didn't like 'Tale of two cities' or 'The brothers karamazov'. It isn't s so . All I was  trying to say that although they are great books by equally great writers, maybe I am not up to it. To appreciate the finer quality! Yet, my sole purpose to read all classics is that I will be able to say that yes, I have read them all.

In doing that, I admit that I liked them all. Particular favorite is "The Count of Mount Cristo". Alexandre Dumas weaves a tale of passion, betrayal, revenge so skillfully that it puts many current generation mystery romance writers to shame. But yes after reading that, I must admit that 'The Three Musketeers' was not quite up to that benchmark. It was good but not great. By now my favorite genre must have been crystal clear. Fast paced, thrillers with a good deal of romance thrown in. Purists may shake their head but that's the way I am.

I have read all Sydney Sheldon novels and loved them. Tried to read 'Lord of the rings' quite a few times but kept it back after few pages. However, Harry Potter and Twilight series are my all time favorites. How many times I have wished that one day I may be able to pen down a book so magical. The imagination of Ms Rowling and Ms Meyer knows no bounds. When I started reading first part of Potter, I used to stay awake till 2 am in the night and read. As I was reading the seventh and final book, anxiety pangs set in. That's it. No more mystery, no more magic, no potter after it. The first few days after that was very tough. I scoured Rowling's website, fansites, kept searching for more. It took some time to detach myself from pottermania.

Same thing happened few years later with twilight. Right from the word go, I was sucked (pun intended) into the beautiful, absurdly romantic world of Bella and Edward. After I finished reading, I again kept asking for more. I read 'Midnight Sun', devoured Stephanie's site, prayed like hell to get an idea too in my dreams... But nada. My dreams were technicolor as ever but no vampires, no fairies, no magicians. nothing.

All those people who are critical of both these works and dismiss them as YA entertainment fantasy, should at least try their hand once at writing even remotely similar to these two. I think the results will be there for all to see. These books once again reinforced the outdated ideas of love, loyalty and friendship. On second thoughts may be I should also try my hand at writing anything remotely similar to the books I found not-so-great. I know I can never write a 'Wuthering Heights' or 'War of the Worlds' or 'Tale of two cities'. But then, to each his own. With this sobering thought, I take leave.

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